MONA - Mass Ordering Nikhef Analysis
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNNMHUtilsA namespace that collects miscellaneous useful functions
oNSUMMARYUTILSThis namespace stores the members that are necessary for SummaryEvent::FillPseudoData()
oCAbsResponseThis is an abstract base class for different detector responses implemented in MONA common software
oCAtmFluxA class that reads in atm neutrino flux data from files and provides a flux calculator
oCcutobjStructure for use in EventFilter that stores info necessary to define a cut on a SummaryEvent
oCDetResponseThis class implements the detector response structure
oCEffMassClass for effective mass functionality and IO
oCEventFilterA class to filter events
oCEventSelectionThis class inherits from EventFilter and can be used to define event selections when looping over SummaryEvent's
oCEvtResponseThis class implements an event-by-event detector response
oCFileHeaderA class that provides a minimalistic header functionality for ROOT files
oCFitPDFThis class is a modification of a code autogenerated with RooClassFactory::makePdf and provides access to fitting tools with RooFit
oCFitUtilThis class is used in conjunction with FitPDF to fit NMO data with RooFit
|\CfparInternal structure to store parameter central values and limits
oCFitUtilWsystThis class inherits from FitUtil and overwrites the virtual function TrueEvts and RecoEvts to include systematic effects for the fitting process
oCNuXsecA class that provides a neutrino cross-section calculator
oCSummaryEventData format for NMH analysis
oCSummaryParserA small class to read/write data in SummaryEvent format
oCTrueBClass to store E_true, ct_true, by_true bins that contribute to E_reco, ct_reco, by_reco bin for neutrino events